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Accounts Receivable Coordinator - Temporary

Location: Irvine, CA
Job Type: Full Time
Date Posted: Nov 30


The AR Coordinator will be responsible for the collection of invoices on delinquent accounts and resolutions of chargebacks.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Chargebacks – Resolve chargebacks by working with account and affiliated parties
  • Call on past due accounts regarding delinquent invoices
  • Transfer of payment or credit memo balances from one account/brand to another
  • Process credits for SHR (special handling requests) Discounts, Pricing Errors, Sales
  • Adjustments Non-Merchandise credit only
  • Write up credit memos:
  • Must have detail description transferring TO with where credit to be applied (invoice number and amount) / FROM acct debating CM # or Payment Reference and amount
  • Must have detail description as to why credit memo is being issued on CM form
  • Write up debit memos:
  • Must have detail description and proper coding
  • Qlikview report showing all accounts for all brands/companies
  • Check request/refunds:
  • Must enter and maintain check/debit memo information on Check Request/DM log form, located on collections dept. shared drive
  • Credit’s, debit’s and check requests are to be submitted to shared services controller
  • Identify and apply unapplied cash and credits – submit aging of account, identify the payments/credits with the invoices they are to be applies to. If an invoice is paid already, contact the customer to inform and request authorization to apply to another invoice
  • Maintain and reconcile promo invoicing


  • 2 years experience in an admin or customer service role
  • Excel proficiency
  • Detail oriented
  • Highly developed reconciliation skills
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills and develop strong team culture
  • Outstanding communication, presentation, negotiation and influence skills to converse and deal effectively with a broad range of internal and external customers
  • A high level of initiative, self-motivation, work independently
  • Ability to address multiple issues a day
  • Advanced computer literacy
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